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  About Salt Therapy

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Salt therapy is the therapeutic use of natural salt in a simulated microclimate, like a salt room, where pulverized salt is blown into the room for occupants to passively breath in.

During the 45-minute session, you can relax, enjoy music or read in our cozy spa-like salt covered rooms while breathing in microscopic salt particles. Salt acts like an expectorant, accelerating mucus clearance and improving lung function while killing harmful bacteria and soothing the respiratory system.



Bacteria are a byproduct of many chronic upper and lower respiratory tract conditions, like sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema. In these ailments, the airways become narrowed and irritated filling with mucus where bacteria flourishes.

Not only does salt help remove bacteria from airways with its expectorant-like properties, but salt is also a natural antibacterial and can kill bacteria in the respiratory tracts. When bacteria are surrounded by salt, in a hypertonic solution, the bacteria cells will excrete its water causing the bacteria cells to shrink and die.

Mucus Clearance

Once the salt particles enter the sinus and lung cavities, it reacts with the mucus by decreasing the thickness and allowing it to be expelled.

Drawing out the mucus helps rid the nasal & lung passageways of allergens, bacteria and mucus blockage. Salt, as a mucolytic agent, dissolves various chemical bonds within mucus, which in turn can lower the thickness (viscosity) by altering the mucin-containing components.


The pulverized salt, which you breathe in salt therapy, benefits the irritated lining of the nasal sinuses and lungs, from the bronchi down to the alveoli.

With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, salt reduces tissue irritation and swelling initiating the widening of airways for improved breathing.